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His Requirements


Foster Family (Part 1)

This started out as a one and done story, but over time it grew into what you're seeing today.
Do you have any thoughts on what Billy's new life should be, or even ideas for other characters?
If so, just leave a comment and enjoy the show. :)

Garage Sale Gold


The Cappers Collection

I've recently accepted an invitation to the blog known as "The Cappers Collection" and will be posting new captions there weekly. I didn't want to just post these captions here, because I thought that it would be unfair towards the readers of both blogs, so I've decided to post these captions every week after I post it on The Cappers Collection. I hope you visit this blog and enjoy the amazing stories you can find there. The Freaky Duchess and Morgan Winship have been nothing but kind to me and I can't wait to see what my future on their blog will hold.
Alex Hopper

So Wrong


Adorable (Request)

Here's another request I received recently from "Anonymous", who commented...
"Hey there :) Just found your blog an really like it so far. Also very cool that you are doing requests.
May I kindly ask for one in which a guy named Felix ends up as a short and petite girl, and his tall and athletic girlfriend finda that hilarious?
Cheers! "

I hope you enjoyed my latest work. :)

Latest Conquest


The Tutors