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Posting Again

I've finally found a new app for making captions on my new device. It may take me longer than usual to make them though, so I plan on keeping up with my captions every weekend. Making new captions from scratch is always a challenge, especially when you loose all the ones you were working on, so feel free to request any captions you want made. And thanks eebullio, for your helpful comment, as well as all the others that commented when I was in need!

Alex Hopper

In Need Of Assistance

Hello everyone! I'm sorry it's been so long since I've posted anything, but I do plan on returning to making captions. The only down side is that all my saved captions are now gone, along with my old laptop, and that my new Chromebook doesn't carry the same apps that my laptop did. I'm in need of a good captioning app or drawing app that would allow me the same freedom as before. If any of you know of one just post it in the comments. This would be helpful and very much appreciated.

Thanks, Alex Hopper