Secret Santa: Part 1


”Danielle, what are you doing out here?” Chris immediately recognized the voice of his neighbor, George, and quickly turned to face him. “Nothing dad, just taking a quick breather.” Chris told George, who in response just smiled before kissing him on the forehead and heading back inside to the warm house. Chris let out a sigh, before making sure that the coast was clear. After making sure that it was, Chris quickly hopped out of Danielle’s thin body with a loud and sudden “oof”.

Chris was eighty years old and a long time body hopper. In Chris’s youth he’d use his powers to party and get revenge on others, but only recently he discovered that he could do even more with his powerful and amazing gift. Chris had been living on the same block for the past twenty years, and almost everyone he knew who lived on it wasn’t happy with their lives. Chris first started noticing that Danielle’s family was always fighting day in and day out, there never seemed to be an end in sight. It was because of this realization, that Chris had his sudden great idea. Chris decided that he’d use his powers to help around his neighborhood, which he grew to care for over the years.
Chris began his plan by using his body hopping powers to easily find out what each family member wanted. After that part was done, he’d go out and buy each gift as a different family member, making sure to leave the presents under the tree wrapped tight. When Christmas day finally did come, each family member discovered the present of their dreams. Of course, they were confused when each of the gifts was listed as “from Santa”, but they just figured that the others were playing kind of prank on them. Chris had watched from Danielle’s eyes as her whole family was filled with the Christmas spirit, but as much as he was enjoying it, he knew that there was somebody who would enjoy it even more.

Danielle woke up groggy, not remembering anything after yesterday. It was in this grogginess that she finally noticed her elderly neighbor standing over her. “What am I doing out here? Did I get wasted again...?” Danielle wondered aloud to herself. Only to receive a chuckle from the man next to her. “No, you're most definitely not hung over, but you may want to head inside before you catch yourself a cold.” Chris told her, as he helped guide her up to the house. “ know, I don’t actually know your name. I know that we’ve been neighbors ever since we moved here, but I’ve actually never asked you.” Danielle stated. “You can call me Chris.” Danielle gave a warm smile and nodded to the old man, who slowly wandered off down the street. “Have a Merry Christmas!” Chris yelled back. Chris knew that he’d done a good deed, but he still had busy day ahead of him.