Unwrap Your Gift (GIF)

Amber(63) was beyond confused upon opening her bedroom door, only to find a raven haired beauty laying across the bed, completely naked except for the bow wrapped around her tight little frame. “Hey honey, ready to unwrap your gift?” The woman asked while stroking her foot against the paper thin wrap around her with a goofy little smile on her face. A smile that Amber knew all too well. “Philipp is that you?” She asked her husband, now understanding who the woman was before her. “You caught me.” Her husband giggled, hoping to see his wife's eyes light up with excitement. Only her eyes were just about as angry as he’d ever seen them in his entire life. “You bought yourself a new body?! What were you thinking? Can we even pay for this swap?!” Amber demanded. Instantly making Philipp(67) question his decision to surprise his wife this way. He quickly shot up and tried his best to answer her, but she was way to angry to even listen to him at the moment. 

“Okay I’m beginning to realize that this may have not been the best choice for surprising you.” Philipp confessed, which only got a guffaw from his wife while she quickly raided their kitchen for the wine she was saving for the romantic Christmas day tomorrow morning, but that day seemed so far away at the moment. “But you’ve got this all wrong.” Philipp continued telling his doubtful wife. “Really, so you didn’t go to a Body Swap Clinic and got yourself this young girl’s body, which I doubt came cheap.” Amber said with with a finger pointing down at her husband's new form. “Okay I did go to the Swap Clinic, but the body I’m in was just a trial run for me to surprise you with your Christmas present tomorrow.” Philipp told his wife, who only looked at her husband perplexed. “Surprise me with what?” She asked, while gulping down another glass of expensive wine. “This.” Philipp replied, as he silently spun the woman’s body, he was now inhabiting, around for his wife to inspect with completely surprised eyes. “Wait, you’re telling me….that by tomorrow, that body will be mine?” She asked, now realizing her mistake in behavior and feeling horrible because of it. “Yep, the paperwork has already been dealt with and I knew you’d just love this body. I know I have.” A blushing Philipp told his wife. Amber immediately ran up and hugged her now tiny husband and kissed him on the forehead. “Oh god honey, I didn't know this was your gift to me.” She said with a growing panic. “And I’ve just drank about half of your present.” 

Tears beginning to fill her eyes, but Philipp immediately began to wipe them away. “You’ve got nothing to be sorry about, I realize now that coming home like this might have not been the best way for revealing my gift to you, and I understand what it must have looked like to you.” Philipp apologized, while also returning Amber’s warm embrace. “But what about you dear? While I get a new younger body you’ll still be the same old you.” Amber asked, but her husband just swatted her worries away. “It doesn’t matter, I’ve been saving up the money to do this for a couple years now and that’s all that matters. Sorry about the crappy gifts over the past couple years by the way.” This statement made his wife laugh out loud. “So that’s why I got a coffee mug last year?” This made Philipp laugh as well, before remembering his next gift. “All this wild emotion made me almost forget the best part. I’ve got some of this girl’s clothing to try on for you. So you can get to see how hot and sexy this body will look from the outside world.” 

Amber gladly let her husband guide her back to their bedroom, where she excitedly watched as her husband tried on all the outfits he could. Knowing that all of these cloths would soon be her’s by tomorrow. She was only upset that she’d be living in her new younger body, while her husband would now be trapped in his still aging one. Amber knew that she would need to save up all her own money next Christmas if she wanted to get her husband a handsome new body of his own. That way they could live the next few more decades together as husband and very loving wife.